Friday, April 27, 2007

Gratitude Saturday Day 7

For all the new Reformers- Saturday's are Gratitude Saturday's. A day to reflect and write about what we are grateful for. I got the idea from my friend Holly, and I love it.

This day, this very special day, is my oldest daughter's Birthday. Today, she is no longer a teenager, but a young woman. Today she is 20. So my entire post is all about my gratitude for having her in my life. It seems like just yesterday I was carrying her in my arms and giggling with joy at her infant stages. I wish I could have one of those days back, they pass all too quickly. Please excuse me today if I brag, but she is one of my greatest assets!

Alyssa Jennifer (Alyssa Pooh, Pooh Bear, Sweet Pea) I am grateful for and love:
  • Your beautiful smile
  • Your kind heart towards others in need
  • How you display servant leadership
  • The strong prophetic gift within you
  • Your intense love for God and desire to be His disciple
  • Your choice in friends
  • Your gift of mentoring and encouraging younger teenage girls and planning hang out nights just for them
  • Your cute bubble butt (sorry sweetie, but you know its cute)
  • Your striking blue eyes
  • That you call me to tell me how your day is going
  • That you invite me for coffee
  • Your creative heart and love for painting and colors
  • How you express your love for me in cards
  • How you treasure your special sister
  • How you can reach Matt in his language and a way that he understands
  • That you LOVE to talk to me...... did I say LOVE, I mean LOVE (its what I asked God for!!)
  • Your romantic heart
  • That you are saving yourself for that one really special guy
  • That you love the outdoors
  • That you love trying new things
  • Your incredible ability to learn and excel at school
  • That you are an extravagant worshiper and a closet dancer
  • Your sense for style, and the desire to dress modestly
  • How you make me try new fashion
  • That you adore your Dad, and see all his strengths
  • How you can do your hair in so many unique adorable ways
  • That you are intensely passionate about almost everything in your life
  • Your zest and exuberance for life period
  • That you love having fun, being silly, and watching old movies

I love everything about you.

You are all I ever dreamed of in a daughter and I consider myself unbelievably blessed to think that you came from your dad and I.

I am rich and full of love and gratitude this day; everyday, forever and always.


Tamar said...

Oh Cheryl You Are truely a blessed Mom!
I Pray I am As blessed as My Daughters reach thier 20th!
She is Such a Beautiful Woman inside and out even though she is still Your Baby (Pooh Bear!)
I Loved this Post! I Love it When I read of the Love between family! The Pictures are Priceless!
Happy Birthday Alyssa!
Love, Tamar, Jon and the girlies!
P.S. what is her birthdate?
Lauryn's is the 29th.

Rhonda said...

Happy Birthday ALYSSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, I was tearing up as I was reading this. Alyssa is a very beautiful young woman. You are blessed to have her for your daughter and she is blessed to have you for her Mom.

Sarah mentioned to me this morning that today is Alyssa's birthday. I thought that I might see something here about it.

Her light shines sooo brightly. It's impossible not to be proud of her.

WE LOVE YOU ALYSSA!! Miss you too.

Amy said...

I love this.
My prayer is that my girls will be a blessing like Alyssa is.
I, too, love all of these things about Alyssa. She is very unique and so very lovable. SHe is a treasure.

She has these traits because of her two wonderful parents and their desires for her. Placing her before God allowed so much for her life. Thank you for that example.

Happy Birthday Lyss!!!

Jen said...

We Piers' miss you too!
You were one of our first babysitters...and a great one!
I have always loved your passion and devotion for God and your family.
You are a treasure, and I only wish you were around to influence my baby girls...they have very cute butts too! They would be equally horrified at my mentioning them on a blog too!
You will understand when you are a mom of cute-butted kids!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Beautifuls (Im talking to Cheryl AND Alyssa here). What a great way to honour your daughter!
I miss you both - especially Alyssa looking down at me from her lofty height and then, just so I can see her eye-to-eye, she would pick me up and give me a big hug and say "You're so little!!".
cyndi lou who

Nana Cheryl said...

Happy B-Day Alyssa. :o)

Holly said...

Happy B-day Alyssa!

Anonymous said...

Well,I finally figured out how to leave a comment! I have not known Alyssa for very long( I look forward to knowing her better),but I can see that she is a wonderful young lady.Daughters are so special to us moms( and dads),and you are truly blessed to have 2 beautiful daughters.I ,too,have a 20 yr old daughter,who I love dearly and who has brought so much joy to our lives and I am sooooo grateful for her.I would love for our 2 to become friends!Brenda

Cheryl said...

Thanks girls, and thanks Brenda!! so happy you got the comments thing figured out!

Tamera Svanes said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Alyssa!

I have three little daughters who are very young. I think sometimes how wonderful it will be when they adults, but right now, I am just enjoying being a Mommy. I don't want to waste time wishing they were older and then regret that I didn't enjoy them while they were small.