Saturday, May 5, 2007

Gratitude Saturday Day 14

Well Reformers! You are 2/3 of the way! Only 7 days left! There is so much to be thankful for! God has already done a GREAT work in your lives.
Some have endured tremendous hardship, and disappointment, and yet you have turned to the Father and received your strength from Him. I am proud of you. All of you are Overcomer's!

Here is what I am grateful for this Gratitude Saturday!

  1. Oooodles of types wildflowers splashed all over the mountains
  2. Apple blossoms and lilacs
  3. That God let me see an eagle and 5 deer on my walk yesterday
  4. The privilege of leading worship
  5. An awesome worship team full of people 1/2 my age! (mentoring again!)
  6. My mind that is being daily renewed
  7. The colors of spring
  8. Bethesda group home who cares for my sweet pea just like I do
  9. My hardworking man, who loves treating me like a princess
  10. The kindness of God
  11. An army of mighty women, on a Reformation who will advance His kingdom and fulfill their God given destinies. Yah women of God!!! You are mighty warriors!


Holly said...

I love Spring blossems. God has made earth beautiful for us to enjoy! And heaven will even be sooooooooo much more breath!

I have 11 lovely dark purple tulips in bloom and lots of violets. Yeah!!

Miss you Flower Child!

Jen said...

I am so tired at the moment Cheryl....but a walk through all of the beautiful nature you have described...seems even more benficial than sleep!!!!
Bless you Molenaars...

redeemed diva said...

You are awesome Cheryl! I bet that those young worshippers you are mentoring are truly blessed and rich because of your relationship with them. God bless ya!